Gregory Jones
Black Hawk Casino Black Hawk Casino
Shawnee, Oklahoma
"Gregory Jones"
I came here with a few guys for a night out. We hit up the buffet first on a Friday night. Surprisingly there was next to no one eating there and we were seated right away. The price point is a bit higher than other buffets at about $32 after tax and honestly I felt this wasn't quite justified. The wait staff were excellent and attentive, however their food is where everything ended up falling short. The crab legs were very overcooked making them difficult to eat. The clarified butter tasted a bit off compared to some of the other buffets I have gone to up here. The selection is great, but a lot of their food seemed to be overcooked or had been sitting out too long. We had only sat down right before 6PM, I figure since the buffet wasn't crowded there were a lot of items sitting out a little longer than typical. The various side dishes were typically much better than items I would consider as entrees. The prime rib was probably the best item they served but would still be considered bad next to any type of prime rib served at a restaurant. I would probably skip the buffet here and check out either The Monarch, or The Lodge. We did gamble for a few hours after dinner hitting up roulette tables which were not too crowded for a Friday night. The staff manning the Table games were very friendly and helpful. We also hit up slots, which none of us did well on, but they have quite a decent selection to choose from spaced out on the first and second floor. Overall I think you'll be fine to come here to gamble but I would likely skip the buffet here and partake at another location nearby unless crowds are an issue.