Brandi Wisler
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"Brandi Wisler"
The cruise was great! Fun in the sun. Greta crew and staff. The guy at parking garage was a total ass. My handicap husband waved and whistled from the curb since I had to go get the car from parking garage. When the parking attendant heard him whistle he said it was rude. He proceeded to block my car with a cone, put his water bottle in the cone and waved people around me even though I was first in line. I asked what he was doing why was he not letting me go?? He said he whistled that was rude so you can just wait. I said he whistled to let me know where he was in the crowd. I explained he was handicap and was brought down by wheelchair. He would not be left standing there for long. He is handicap. He completely ignored me and made me wait. Waving people around me. I asked his name but he would not tell me. He was unbelievable rude and completely out of line. A very bad ending to our great vacation. He should be fired. I wish I had taken pictures of him and the cone blocking my car with his water bottle in it.