Alissia Desalles
Folsom Lake Bowl Sports Bar and Casino Folsom Lake Bowl Sports Bar and Casino
Folsom, California
"Alissia Desalles"
Honestly this place gave me the creeps. First thing I noticed is how many sketchy people were just sitting in their parked cars in the parking lot... maybe they were waiting for the casino portion of FLB to open? Anyway, it didn't give me a great initial feel. Walked in and was ultimately confused with the setup. This place shares a building with a bar, a casino, a barber shop and a bowling alley, but they all have different hours and there is really no sign or person to help you decipher when each individual place opens or what actual services they offer. I found myself standing in the middle of their establishment with no idea where to turn. The inside is pretty old and drab. You also get a full view of the back of their snack bar's kitchen almost as soon as you walk in. There is no barrier, so a young kid could literally just bolt into the kitchen under the nose of the kitchen staff. We walked in to check it out and immediately walked out because of the crappy setup and vibe. I gave it more than one star only because the food did smell good and it looked like the few families that were there were having fun bowling. Still, not my scene or a place I would feel comfortable bringing kids-- but to each his own I guess. I can respect that there may be some people who like the idea of a place like this, I'm just not one of them for the reasons listed above.