Stephanie D Delano
Wildfire Sunset Casino Wildfire Sunset Casino
Henderson, Nevada
"Stephanie D Delano"
Awesomeness . Friendly, great food . Small , but part of the Station Casino conglomerate. When my 10 play poker machine Fowled up then got stuck they replaced my $ put in plus $5 for what I may have won and been shorted . WHO DOES THAT ANYMORE???? Cool ass bartenders who you WANT TO tip. HENdo, small cozy places can be cool, not always. 1 or 2 ( and more )"better than you" mthrfwkrs , if they have had a redbull or beer (to inflate their false egos and guts. ) will openly talk sh** , especially @bar.. To which , if the barperson(s) are entertaining this, or NOTSHUTTING IT DOWN . I WILL LET IT BE KNOWN. MONETARILY. Mostly hella cool . Plus perks.