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Jan 10 '17 at 18:29

Deonty Eastmon

Deonty Eastmon
Not to bad of a place to stay. Food court closes early, after that there is only the one cafe to eat at where two of the three servers I experienced seemed as if they hate there jobs. And after asking for specific things for my for food where misunderstood or not given after asking more then once I simply gave up. I will say Fiesta has the better biscuits and gravy out of any casino in a five mile radius. Didn't come up as much as I wanted to but to be expected from a small casino. Also out of a five night stay we didn't receive one comp pretty unusual I think. I don't a comp should be asked for but if you see a player more then once somewhere in there I feel there should be a comp. Personally that's just something as leadership I could do to make loyal customers. There is so much more but I don't want to focus on the negative. It is still a nice place to stay and day time offers so much more then night. Defiantly something to experience for yourself.