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Jan 12 '17 at 5:03

Donna Roberts

Donna Roberts
Was there over the Christmas holidays. I found the hotel to be poorly maintained and dated. The hotel's staff had poor English communication skills both in speaking and comprehending what their guests would be trying to convey. Their rooms were misrepresented on the website. While they showed modern, clean inviting rooms on various sites. When you in fact check in to what they call a refurbished room. It's a fail. A flat screen tv doesn't constitute refurbished. The room smelled moldy and had spiders. I washed my hands and the water in the sink went down the drain and on to the floor. I went to their guest services 3 different times asking for a manager. All they kept doing was giving me the run around. Telling me to come back at different times when the manager would be there. I would go back and then they would tell me a different story, to this day I never met a manager. There wasn't a time that I passed that area where there wasn't a line up of people with guest complaints. I met someone from Montreal, he mentioned that he didn't have bed linens or towels for his first 3 days! A few days into my trip I noticed roaches. I mentioned this to some girls that was on the same flight and they said I needed to keep the air conditioner on. I turned my air conditioner back on and I never saw another roach, who knew! I'll have to remember that tip should I ever end up at another dive! I will say they made an effort on that issue. On the food front. The food was unimaginative, low quality, little variety and without great flavour. They didn't even serve bacon for breakfast. I went to 3 of their 4 a la carte restaurants. The first was their version of a Brazilian BBQ. It was nothing of the kind. They basically used the same meat that was in their general dining room and put them on skewers. It's like their Executive Chef has no professional training at all and simply doesn't know better. If they did, they simply wouldn't serve any of it. The second a la carte was what they called their Gourmet. Their service was inept, the food was, well let's just say I couldn't punish my stomach anymore. I don't even blame the servers. They simply weren't trained properly. It's like the blind leading the blind. They had a huge selection of wine throughout the resort..... Red and White. That's it just 1 Red and 1 White. Both of which were poured out of jugs. They tried to give the illusion of fine dining service but I would notice off to one side of the dinning room that they would pour their wine from the jug into wine carafes. There were no natural fruit juices anywhere to be found on this resort. It was hard to remember we were on a tropical island. Just powdered stuff in this place. The alcohol served was domestic and no brands I'd ever seen. A typical 4-star resort would serve international brands. This place was half a step up from the food in Cuba but that's not saying much about Cuba. Anyone who's been to Cuba knows how awful the food is! So, though I didn't completely cringe when it came time to eat. I didn't look forward to it either. I did enjoy their Italian restaurant it was the best of the worst. This resort did 2 things well. 1. It was situated on a beautiful spot on the beach. You could go into the ocean for a good km and a half and the water would only reach the average person to their lower chest. 2. They were excellent at bringing no resolve to any negative issues but they smiled a lot. I have the feeling that they've become very crafty at smiling, dodging, bobbing, and weaving through a lot of guest’s complaints. As they say practice makes perfect! What really gets under my skin is the inaccurate star rating. . Had I known that this place was really a 2 star verses the 4 star they elevated it to be. I wouldn't have gone or at least be given the choice to pay its proper worth of $800 plane fare included! Needles to say I will do my research before booking my next trip and I hope this is useful to anyone who reads this. Happy Vacation!