Gary Locke
Choctaw Casino Resort Choctaw Casino Resort
Durant, Oklahoma
"Gary Locke"
Worst place to go gamble!! They never pay out any jackpots when they are slow. So if you want to go at that time, all the machine's take all your money!! I was there for 1 hour and did not see one jackpot paid out!! The bad thing is when i asked one of the people that work there why they are not paying anything, they said don't come this time of the year!! You should be able to come any time and have fun. All you hear is every one bitching about how the casino just takes the money and doesn't even let you play!! I brought 700 and was out of money in 30 minutes!! They should not be able to control those machines!! And if you put 200 in a dollar machine, it should let you play for more than 15 minutes!! I would of had more fun throwing my money in the trash!!! I won't be back!!!