Gabi Cardenas
Chicken Ranch Bingo & Casino Chicken Ranch Bingo & Casino
Jamestown, California
"Gabi Cardenas"
BEWARE: One of the walking ticket changers steals ,she took my tickets to change, long wait coming back (perhaps thought I'd for get total amount of tickets) to find out that she accidentally shorted me? No way ... She tried to quickly make off seeing that I began counting my money called her back like um I'm missing 12 + change from the tickets you "changed for me" ... Usually they stay starring at you expecting a tip! Not her!!! 3 separate occasions I was let down with this casino last trip! Ultimately never would return! My privacy in the restroom invaded which ever employee that was peaking into stalls confused my Flonase for drug use! Wondered why security was in constant rotation circling me like a shark .... But didn't read much into it till when I left the casino! CHP parked 100 feet from the lot! Waiting to stop me! Aggressively approached me as if I failed to follow the law, quickly ask when's the last time I consumed cocaine crack or methamphetamines I laughed your kidding me