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Jan 20 '17 at 21:03

Julia Davenport-Drake

Julia Davenport-Drake
This is not a great resort to begin with; overcrowded, filthy beaches, and I'm COVERED in flea bites after only three days there. The only redeeming quality is the good food. Still, none of this would have caused me to write a bad review, because I'm a pretty easy-going and happy-go-lucky person. This all changed on our final morning there. I woke up around 9 AM due to a strange gurgling sound coming from the bathroom, or the morning that we needed to fly out. I jumped out of bed to investigate, and quickly realized I was standing in about half an inch of squishy, foul sewage water. I jumped back on the bed and woke my husband, who jumped into the raw sewage in order to try and grab any of our things that had been sitting on the floor. This included luggage, shoes, and various other items. I quickly grabbed a towel (it was the only thing within reaching distance) and called the front desk. They said they would send someone around right away. It took nearly an hour for any kind of cleanup crew to arrive. The whole time my husband and I were stuck on a bed in a pool of raw sewage, with the jacuzzi in the room half-full of raw sewage as well. Finally the crew arrived, and I found that the room was full of a dozen people coming in and out, including men, with our door left wide open, while I'm wearing nothing but a towel. I was mortified. Not only had many of my belongings been soaking in raw sewage for hours, and I had stood in it, and my husband had to wade in it to get our things out, but now I felt completely exposed in a room full of strangers. It left me in utter shock, crying and shaking on the bed, horrified by the ordeal. Even all this wouldn't have made me write a review. The reason I'm writing this review is because of how BADLY the resort handled the situation. Instead of offering to replace my belongings that had been sitting in their raw sewage, or even offering to get them professionally cleaned (which I think is the LEAST that they could have offered), they just kept offering me $200 in resort credits (!). Not only is that almost HALF the value of my destroyed belongings, but it's absolutely useless when we're trying to pack to leave, and they knew this, because I kept telling them. I was appalled. Who lets their guests' belongings soak in raw sewage and then gives them resort credits which won't even replace the ruined items and requires us to spend MORE money? When the guests need to leave for a flight immediately? I couldn't even believe they were trying to write me off like that. I still can't believe this AWFUL customer service. It's literally the worst I've ever seen. Clearly, my belongings, my anguish, my personal well-being, and all the money I (and my company) had already spent means less them than a dinner they give to their high-rollers. They left me naked, in only a towel, in a room filled with raw sewage, with $350 of ruined belongings, with a dozen people coming in and out, on the morning I was leaving, and they honestly thought that 200 resort credits was a fair solution. Hard Rock Hotel, I will never be back, and I would recommend anyone else who is looking at the Hard Rock Resort in Punta Cana to book at Excellence El Carmen, instead. For the same price as Hard Rock's small sewage-filled suite, I was able to get a massive suite at Excellence El Carmen with it's own private pool and garden, and legitimately good customer service (and no fleas).