B Bennett
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Santa Clarita, California
"B Bennett"
Don't gamble on a Princess Cruise! I'm currently on one in the Caribbean and I've gambled at casino's all over the world. After the first day with an automatic shuffle machine I noticed the amazing odds the dealer consistently hit 20's and 21's. I took it as most gamblers as a bad day. The second day at a mixed table it was the same results. The third day it was only the 4 people I came with so I know everyone was playing by standard blackjack rules and the same magical results on every hand. In the end I was down $1,000 with maybe an 8% payout. It was pretty much fraud on tables, slot machines and scratch offs so DON'T GAMBLE on a Princess Cruise. They do not adhere to the same restrictions as an American casino. Save your money and spend it at a regulated casino or you will lose.