wilfred dsouza
Barcel� San Jos� Palacio Spa & Casino Barcel� San Jos� Palacio Spa & Casino
San Jose
"wilfred dsouza"
We stayed in this hotel for two nights. Unfortunately it was not we who chose this hotel. We used Caravan tours for our Costa Rica vacation and they put us in this hotel. They call it a 4 star hotel. I just don't understand who gives this rating? This is ridiculously overrated. First you don't stay in a 4 star hotel and use toilet paper to dump in a trash bin. We were told to put the used toilet tissue paper in the attached trash bin and not in the toilet as their flushing system is not yet adopted to it. I have come to Costa Rica many times and have stayed less than 4 star hotels but never this restrictions. Yes I do understand you don't put the other tissue paper in the toilet but tissue paper which is meant for toilet should be thrown in the toilet. The restaurant is just an average. Within 30 minutes of using the dinner table they were out of ice cream and never replaced it. You have to use your room card for everything like using the elevators, Turing lights in the room and it would go off if you take the card off the slot. The location is horrible horrible. Just 3 km from airport and nothing nearby. You have to use cab to go any where. Wanted to call USA. They told me it would be $3 per minute. When asked that is ridiculously high and can I use a public phone booth to use a calling card and I was told there is no public phone booth and neither can I use my calling card from any of their hotel rooms unless I am willing to pay $3 per minute. Rooms are very average and not at all 4 star standards. Toilet is like a prison toilet. Never ever I shall stay here and I am going to drop Caravan tours also for future for chosing this hotel for our stay.