FashionRisks LuciaCraciun
Gold Mine Lounge and Casino Gold Mine Lounge and Casino
Cardwell, Montana
"FashionRisks LuciaCraciun"
Hidden fees ... ended up paying double. Is a very nice hotel, clean but I've made up a budget so they seem to fit my price range and after I booked the room they insert all kinds of hidden fees. I booked the room and i already payed 30% more in fees .... to get to the hotel and to be pushed to pay even more fees!! What do they provide for all these fees?? I ended up paying double than my budget?? I just want to know the price per night before i book anything and before i get to the hotel!!! This is Unacceptable!!!!!!!! Such liars!!! For this price you can book any hotel on Strip and be close to all activities. ??

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