Bryce Loken
Treasure Island Resort & Casino Treasure Island Resort & Casino
Welch, Minnesota
"Bryce Loken"
Room-wise it was average. The rooms were clean, but the rooms were nothing to rave about. The water park is a nice amenity if you have a family and the swim up bar is a neat concept. It is poorly managed however. Our group arrived at the pool around 4pm and ordered drinks. Michelle was the bartender and she was fantastic! As it got closer to the bar shift change, things got bad. They only staffed one bartender for the bar in the prime time shift and the other guests and ourselves waited 30 minutes for drinks. I had a running tab and as our group left, I asked for my credit card back. Before getting my card back, I asked the staff if my bill was paid for and they confirmed that it was. Our night commenced and we went to go see the country cover band. As we got to the concert, a friend told me that I was paged to the hotel over the casinos loud speaker. I went to the desk and they said I didn't pay my bar tab, so I asked to speak with the bar manager about the situation. The manager named D****y made me wait 20 minutes for him to arrive and was unprofessional. He took me back to the pool bar and told me that he charged the bill to the room (without my consent). The room was not on my card, so he would have been charging my friend. After apologizing for the terrible service, he took 75 cents off my bill. 75 cents!? What a slap in the face. After charging it to my card (the way it should have been done hours earlier) and waiting around, I missed out on over an hour of the concert and my friends retired for the night. This ruined my experience and I will likely no longer celebrate occasions at this resort any longer.