Winn Bolts
Fond-du-Luth Casino Fond-du-Luth Casino
Duluth, Minnesota
"Winn Bolts"
As a former employee I can say in all honesty this casino is terrible & mismoanaged. The way they treat thier employees is very unprofessional & insulting. Workers in all departments seem to stand around & talk more than they work. This casino is also a rip-off as it gives u little or no time to enjoy the atmosphere & remodel do to little or no pay out vs what u spend. Fon-Du-Luth is so Junior high with employees talking about or gossiping about each other which is very childish & unprofessional to say the least. When voicing concern they take away your freedom of speech. In my four & a half years working at this casino I've seen them go through so many employees it's not even funny it's like they don't even care & they rehire thier own native people back like 6-10 times it's the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen in a workplace when there is so many good people out there looking for jobs. My advice would be to save your money & spend it elsewhere cuz this place is a joke.