Chelsea Newsome
Ameristar Casino & Hotel East Chicago Ameristar Casino & Hotel East Chicago
East Chicago, Indiana
"Chelsea Newsome"
While everything else was very nice, the two people with me and I got our food so late, we had missed our movie we planned to see afterward. We ate at the seafood restaurant. I got the feeling the restaurant was understaffed from how neglected we had been. It was apparent our food was ready earlier than delivered, as the shrimp was chewy. Another minor complaint; but why keep the tails on shrimp you put in pasta or fried rice? That makes no sense, not one wants to take those off before getting to eat the meal they paid for. Anyway, I really think this is all from not having enough people to spread the work around and improve the quality of service. Maybe someone called off that day, so I wouldn't call this a dealbreaker for me.