patrick hauser
Seven Clans Casino Red Lake Seven Clans Casino Red Lake
Redlake, Minnesota
"patrick hauser"
Not a destination for fun, not even a little bit. Winning ratio: $60 vested in slots, $20 to $1.25 = 6.25% (terrible) ME - Food: i had the 12oz ribeye ($20), perfectly done medium rare ..... lowest quality USDA select, thin as a pancake with inedible chewy fat in most bites. WIFE - walleye sandwhich: paper thin, taste cooked right out of a lightly seasoned/breaded walleye filet on a huge hoggie bun that only added inertia and insult to the ocean of bland. The French fries were french fries. Rooms: instantly pleasing upon the initial walk-in with a progressively deteriorating opinion with every minute there after. Bathroom: very basic amenities for a substandard side of a highway Motel. These are $45 a night caliber rooms and not a dime over that. The tv was a tv...... ect ect Casino and lobby: creepy and small. The lobby was filled with indian children(10) running a muck as indian mothers (2 or 3) ran after them loudly communicating the consequences of there capture. Oddly, 2 hours after returning to the lobby, the exact Motley crew was still playing out their rolls of mischief with a surprisingly new added delite of a boy asking for a dollar.... I would say that "Red Lake Seven Clans Casino" has their work cut out for them to draw any kind of return Patrons. As for me returning, not in this lifetime, my money and time are far more valued. My respect for their potential is the time i have taken to write this review. I'll give future improvement to this insincere attempt of a casino hotel, Vegas odds of (75:1)..........