Scott Lee Webb
Luxor Hotel and Casino Luxor Hotel and Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Scott Lee Webb"
First trip to Vegas, and after my stay here I think maybe my last. Massive amount of walking to get to anything. Restaurants, Starbucks, 24/7 shop to a simple plain cup of coffee is extremely expensive. A poor selection of slot machines, and extremely tight payouts. After one day, Ariosto machines, they've drained me of $600 and their laughing to the bank. The hallways leading to the west tower are 20-25 feet wide with no furniture, or tables or lamps for reading and lounging or even smoking. You have to go a mile into the casino to smoke where they'll suck up more of your money. It's been raining here and the parking garages which should always be dry are dripping wet with flooding water, very poor maintenance kept on even the parking garage. The hallway to the west tower has garbage cans to collect water from the ceiling dripping from damage? Nothing is close for the guests to come to the first level and lounge for a cigarette and cheap coffee and or breakfast, everything is a half a mile on the other side. The layout I see overwhelming and it makes you realize that smaller is better. I value feeling warm and welcome. The high stakes slot room here is a disaster with ancient machines and just. A horrible experience for high stakes, no luxury at all. Overall, slightly bitter they and mlife ate up $600 of my money without so much as a thank you we appreciate you. The blankets on the beds considering it's freezing here are cheap old sears blankets, not the new modern cuddling kind of fabric. The front desk is massive with long lines, and desk clerks who are rushed and short on the phones. Overall again I would not stay here again. You decide.