Tevis Spezia
Belize Princess Casino Belize Princess Casino
Belize City
"Tevis Spezia"
This review is about the casino. My friend and I decided to check out the casino during some down time. After a long security and check in process, we were permitted to enter. The casino itself is pretty small with pretty much all slot machines with a few card and roulette tables. It wasn't clear at first if prices we're Belize or US dollar, but everything is US dollar. We decided to try the blackjack table, but that was a mistake. They didn't share that they play one card to the dealer which completely turns the game against the rest of the players. Then on top of that it was unclear how many decks were being played and the dealer kept returning used cards to the deck after 2-3 hands. It's odd, but I feel like the casinos in America do a much better job of transparency and setting your expectations in terms of winning odds. This casino is small, limited in offering and just steals your money. Don't waste your time here.