Juan M.
Playa Chiquita Resort & Casino Playa Chiquita Resort & Casino
"Juan M."
Was there in Jan 2017. Over all, price for what you pay for is ok.. if you pay very cheap. We had an upgraded room with a beach view which was not bad but while talking to other guests we heard some horror stories about other rooms. Hotel facilities aren't great, game rooms are cheap and and almost no games. Hot tub is more like a lukewarm small pool. If you like to drink do not expect name brand alcohol, it is all their "home brand" rum, vodka, whiskey etc.. I found most servers to be rude and will not look at you unless you are a female with big breasts. The one part that is beautiful is the beach but it it very difficult to enjoy because you get constantly harassed by beach vendors who do not let up. The food was quite decent.. The "mall" that is advertised is bad at best, do your research before you buy anything because vendors will try to befriend you and rip you off while making it seem they are giving you a great deal. All in all not great but if you get a cheap deal.. you'll get what you pay for.. If you're young, low budget, don't care and like to party this is the kind of place for you.