John Ivy
Southland Park Southland Park
West Memphis, Arkansas
"John Ivy"
Don't go there thinking you will win. The place has gone from bad to worse. I love their slogan. Pay more win more lol. If you pay more you loss quicker. The odds at this place are some of the worst in casinos. Walk in with 100 bucks ten minutes later. Walk out without even breaking even. Do not pay more at these slots, you won't break even or win. It doesn't happen at this casino, been going here off and on for three years. Have never won not one copper penny. Now that's not bad luck as I can do well at other casinos. This place is simply fixed. To many elderly come here with their SS checks and walk out busted. And now that it is tax season. Well I suggest you take it else where if you want even to good odds of winning. This isn't the place