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Grand Portage Lodge & Casino
Grand Portage, Minnesota
"A Google User"
The hotel was in the middle of a rather large remodel when we stayed so many of the amenities were closed or unavailable. That being said we enjoyed our time. At the time the casino area was rather small, and far from fancy- but still fun and lively (older, but nice crowd). The attached restaurant was okay- nothing special, not fancy at all, but the food was alright and the service was good. The rooms were also nice/clean and seemed to be recently updated. If you come up here, come for the beauty and activities of the area, not just for this place. But once you're here it's a good place to stay, and besides "outdoor activities" it's really the only thing in the immediate area. Certainly a good spot to spend the night and have a little fun after the sun goes down or relax in your room.