Linda Thong
Queenco Hotel and Casino Queenco Hotel and Casino
"Linda Thong"
I chose this Hotel with my family to spend the new year holidays and this is the worst experience I had in my life . I chose the suite room ( 330usd/night 30th December and 31th December ) for my little family ( 2 adults + 2 toddlers and 1 infant ) . My husband were doing the check -in at the reception while I was sitting in the sofa waiting with the kids and a lot of "chinese " tourists were smoking in the lobby ,I felt bad for the kids but what was crazy was that a receptionist came to put hashtray in front of me , I told him I don't need it he said " that's ok I leave it here for people " I was mad. So when we finished to do the check-in we decided to go to the swimming pool with the kids , the staff were so rude and didn't want to serve us . We asked them politely to blow up our rubber rings for the kids and they just told us rudely that they don't have this kind of service here . I said Ok never mind . The beach is dirty !! Breakfast is poor and disgusting ,not many choice of food . The staff were too slow to serve us , they were unskilled . Oh We had a big jaccuzi in our suite so I used it as a bathtub for the kids once but sadly we got a shock 2 times! So scary I immediately took out the kids from the jaccuzi .It was a defective jaccuzi or a " cheap " and " made in China " jaccuzi that does not meet the current standard of security. This was supposed to be a 4 star hotel !!! And finally last night there was a power failure for 1 hour !! this is unacceptable for a 4-star hotel!! It's not a 4 star hotel I'm telling you . Thanks God I was not stuck with the kids in the small lift or I would die inside . To finish I advise you all to stay away from this hotel ! They pretend to be kids friendly but this is not a hotel for a family with kids . Most of the hotel guests are Chinese tourists who smoke and has no manners . Do you think it's normal to pay 330 usd for a suite and have only one key card ??? We asked them to have another one but they said They don't have enough . This is the worst hotel I've been !!

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