William Crandell
Hollywood Casino - Columbus Hollywood Casino - Columbus
Columbus, Ohio
"William Crandell"
It is a casino, so no input will be given based any winnings or losses. It is generally a welcoming place. Then again that's just people of Columbus for you. Free Coffee, free soda, no free beer. I don't drink but still, appreciate that the casino does not push free drinks. Yes, it would be nice for some, but this is not Las Vegas. If you been there you understand what I am saying, you don't need your car. Beyond that free drinks in Las Vegas generally is used to bleed people dry anyhow, at least from my perspective. I don't want that for my community. There is plenty of games to choose from and sometimes there are events. Depending on what you buy to eat you may get really good food for a decent price or pay to much, really that is your own choice. I say make that decision based on why you went. As in if it's a date, do it right. Or if you are like me and just want to numb your brain after coding, stick to what you can afford and you will have a good time. The ATM machine is expensive. The poker table runs 24/7 and always has players. There are other casino table games as well. There is also several smoking areas 2 with slots games available. Finally, there is a central lounge where an artist can shine, but from what I gathered from the casino staff, they will only use a single specific agent. So I guess if that is not your agent you won't be playing their unless maybe your mainstream. They are kinda off beat here in my opinion and should be more willing to promote local artist of all kinds, it would generate more traffic. I mean if you know Columbus you understand what I am saying but this company is not headquartered here so I give grace.