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Five Star Tavern 52
Las Vegas, Nevada
"A Google User"
We went to the Star on this past Monday night, November 28. We arrived about 6:00 PM. The place was about half full, 4 of us, we ordered an antipasti and 3 pizzas, a bottle of wine and a beer. The wine and beer came, followed soon thereafter with the antipasti. the first pizza came, we dug in. I didn't think we could finish the second one, being that I am in my 70's, but youthful determination kicked in, number 2 went by the wayside, the third one arrived. Bottom line, we knocked off all three of them, plus another bottle of wine. I had not been here in nearly 50 years and found the place unchanged but for exterior facade, and improved pizza. We will return even though we now live in Florida. It was refreshing that we found that some things do not change except for the better. Keep up the great work. By the way, the joint was packed when we left, with a line waiting.