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Personally, I had a good experience. I was a part of a large group, a work rewards trip, that recently visited from 1/16-1/20. More and more as i talk to my colleagues, It sounds like my positive experience was unique. The food during breakfast and lunch buffets was often cold was the wide-ranging consensus. Which is typical; I get it. However, if you're charging the amounts this hotel charges... about $600/night... typical food isn't good enough. That said, the real issue is a colleague of mine, in the middle of our last night there, woke up to her entire room in a half inch of raw sewage. Her belongings were floating in sewage. She made the call from her bed letting the staff know what had occurred. Which, again, I can understand that can sometimes happen... at a $75/night motel that doesn't maintain it's property. Again, not at a $600/night resort. That said, freak things occur. The problem really was their response. It took them over a hour to send in the clean up crew. Then, when it was all over, they would only offer her $200 in "resort credit" to cover her belongings that she conservatively estimated at $300 worth of shoes/clothes/etc. Keep in mind, a bottle of aloe costs $60 worth of resort credit. So, they were offering her absolutely nothing. Then, they offered a free night's stay. Which, when you have to return stateside later that day, does no good. It's a pathetic gesture, regardless. That's why I'm motivated to right this. Her story is so awful. It's something out of a movie. Please, never go to a Hard Rock Hotel... but especially not in Punta Cana.