joe arnold
Scarborough Downs
Scarborough, Maine
"joe arnold"
Very nostalgic place almost 90 years old alot of people don't realize that harness racing was one of the biggest entertainment factors Way back in the day and also very rich in maines history and still remains up and running here at Scarborough downs a cut above the best there saying from back in the 80s now its get to the track.although alot of updates have been made though some are still needed and you still get mote fun out of a sub two minute race than 20 seconds of a scratch times are 12 noon Friday Saturday Sunday from April to come out even if you are not a gambler to enjoy the friendly staff and the horse history here at one of the last showplaces in the harness horse racing industry.normally 10 race cards 8 horse fields so a twenty dollar bill for just about four hours of horse racing fun can be had just off rate one Scarborough Maine.please don't reply with any negative remarks I am just stating the facts.and trying to keep the horse racing industry alive.because before we know it it might fade away because of lack of knowledge of what it takes to rig up a horse for the patrons to enjoy the beauty of a 900 plus pound animal who races his heart out to show you some pure fun and the bag of carrots and sugar cubes he or she might get after a well run race.thankyou nice reviews of the sport in general are welcome..