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Cher-Ae Heights Casino
Trinidad, California
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Used to be a great place to eat. NOT ANY MORE!!! I would compare the food to a cafeteria type experience. Wife had duck which was dry and over cooked and served with nothing on the side. When the waitress finally got around to checking on us, she said that it usually comes with a side of potatoes. SHE had the bus boy serve our entrees so she wasn't aware that they forgot the side of potatoes. Which was probably OK if they were anything like the two sides that came with my seafood special of the day, which was Alaskan Halibut in a creamy shrimp sauce. The halibut was fishy and raw and obviously had been frozen. I'm sure it had bee prepared in a large cookie sheet and warmed up and served. THe Rice was crunchy. I also had the MAC and Cheese because the only vegetable they offered was corn on the cob, which won't be in season for 3 more months. THE mac and cheese along with the rice tasted like it had been made about 3 days ago. THe service was almost terrible. For a half a overcooked duck breast, frozen bland fishy tasting fish and a couple of 3 day old side dishes the bill came to $69.00. I think I've had better food in the hospital and it was a balance meal. If you want a good dinner to up the road to Larripen. I would suggest the food manager to the casino go there as eel and rase what food should taste lie for the prices there asking at the casino