Beverly West
Boomtown Casino New Orleans Boomtown Casino New Orleans
Harvey, Louisiana
"Beverly West"
My husband, daughter and I went to this casino and thought we may play awhile and spend the night. While my husband and daughter got a drink, I went to use the restroom. Ran into two cocktail servers who has just used the facilities. They went to the mirror and adjusted their hair and left without washing their hands. Ewwww, how gross!!! I left the restroom (first, washing my hands) and found my party. I grabbed the drinks out of their hands and threw them in the trash. Told them to follow me because we were leaving. Got outside and told them what happened. They understood. What a gross and disgusting place of business. My advise to customers, CHECK YOUR FOOD AND DRINKS FOR ANY "EXTRA" MATERIAL BEFORE YOU CONSUME IT!!! GROSS BUSINESS............