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Feb 5 '17 at 7:24
Gambler's Grille

Gambler's Grille

Gamber's Grille
Date: 2/5/17 12:58 AM To: Valerie Subject: Gambler's Grill Gambler's Grill right across from the box office. 1/31/2017 @ 2:40pm After we left the box office smiling over great seats for the Gladys Knight Concert! My husband asked me do I want to order from the deli. I said Yes!    "Nachos with meat, cheese and olives; then I said put my salsa sauce and sour cream on the side, Make it to go!"  We left the casino to return the day of the concert 2/11.  After we got inside the truck on the way home. I kept smelling something then I look inside the Grambler Grill beg! "OMG!" When I open the nachos box the smell got even stronger! Purple Chip Onions was throwing all over the nachos and then there was a  "Empty bowl and a spoon! " She/Cashier told my husband for me to dig out the onions but there was so many to dig out!!!  The Cashier would not redo the order just mean, jealous and evil. "After the way she treated us!" I hope she feel much better now. "That was very hurtful and disappointed to us!" Because we eat there and other family members all the time! She shouldn't stand there and watch who goes in and out of the box office if she's going to get jealous!  And take it out on Gambler Grill Customers.... Incident 1/31/2017 @2:40pm