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Jan 31 '17 at 11:14

Sue Boyle

Sue Boyle
Until recently,myself & my housemate,had always found Outlook to be a great place to look at for recycled things,even buying quite a few things including plants,kids toys etc,we had been looking for pavers & knew that Outlook got them in,but they also got moved on through selling very quickly,so recently,when we spotted a great lot of pavers,quite big in size & perfect for our job,so we spoke to one of the people working there (Pam),she advised us that whilst l couldn't pay for them & pick up a little later,as l had an appointment,Pam did however say she could hold them over,but for no longer than 25 hours,so my name was placed in a book,with the info regarding the pavers,being 15 at $6,a total of $90,l then said l would do my best to get back before closing after my appointment,when l finished at my appointment,l called outlook & spoke to Pam & said l would get there today as it was after 3 & outlook closed at 3.30 according to Pam,l then said was it possible to hold them till the upcoming tuesday,my day off from work,Pam,was very rude on the phone to me & said there were others interested in them,so l advised they would be collected next day,l was working,but l checked the website,that said Outlook opened at 8.30,my housemate & l decided we would go pickup before l went to work,l would just let work know l'd be a little late,so sunday morning,we got the whole household ,including an 8 year old boy,out of bed early to be at outlook for 8.30 opening,we arrived,the place was closed,but there was a guy there watering plants,so we spoke to him,he went & asked inside,he came back out & said we had to wait till 9,that l had been told 9 on the phone the day before,which l hadnt,l might add,that whilst we were there,several other vehicles arrived in the carpark expecting the place to be open. As l had to get to work,l decided to try to get the help of a neighbour to help my house mate pick the pavers up after 9,when they arrived,my housemate paid for the pavers,then my neighbour looked at the pavers & said we wouldnt be able to take in the cars as they were to heavy,so he tried to organize with another lady who was also very rude to collect them on monday,this person was extremely rude & eventually agreed to let us pick up on monday as they had been paid for,we also were told that the pavers should have been moved to holding bay away from goods offered for sale,of which they were not,initially when l spoke to Pam,she said she would get a hold sogn placed on them,this wasnt done either. I have now collected the pavers,having paid $90 for them,but my experience around this purchase has been very dissapointing due to the rudeness of the staff. I also feel you need to look at your website for operating hours as it states 8.30-3.30,except sunday,when its 8.30-3.00. So this most recent experience has been very dissapointing to say the least & the staffs customer service skills leave a lot to be desired. Thanks.