Kenjiro Yagi
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Maho Bay
"Kenjiro Yagi"
This place was relatively dirtier but used to be a better place to play. It used to offer 100x odds on craps. Now they don't, but they do still have $3 minimum bets and a single deck blackjack table. Correction : They do have those machine craps that offer 5x odds and $2 minimum. Probably the best on the strip. Now without the crapless craps and 100x odds, I have no reason to recommend this place. I think people would rather play in a nice upscale casino where the drinks are brought over often and the serious players would go elsewhere. It's just a dirty looking place. Even when you win, you are in this dark purple cave and don't know what you're walking on. Tonight, I overheard someone at the bar saying how some guy customer was biting her. I also saw a worker/security yelling at a girl to get the F*** out! (I'd assume was a prostitute soliciting?). It's a matter of time before somebody buys this place out and builds something that matches the strip.