Determined To Motivate
Boomtown Casino New Orleans Boomtown Casino New Orleans
Harvey, Louisiana
"Determined To Motivate"
I go to Boomtown at least twice a week. I always and I mean ALWAYS lose. Tonight was no different. Well I guess tonight was different because someone pointed out something that I was blind to. I didn't believe that person but she was making a lot of sense. She said only certain people win in this casino. No matter how much I play I'll lose and when a certain type of person comes along they'll win. I said no way it's just not my night as usual. So I played a machine on side her to prove her wrong. The first time it happened to me I said it was just a coincidence. The second time it happened to me I said it was dumb luck. But the third time, yes the third time it happened I was speechless. I had a sickening feeling. She proved to me that I'm the fool. This experience tonight was an eye opener for me. I know casinos are in it to make money but to know without a doubt that your going to lose going in is ridiculous. I'm not going back. I'll be taking my money to Treasure Chest. At least there if I go in the bonus betting $1.00 I'll win more than 9 cent.