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Jan 24 '17 at 5:12

Kyle Hunter

Kyle Hunter
AWESOME! My wife and I had a blast here. We stayed four nights and were treated like royalty. Everyone, I mean EVERYONE, went out of their way to make our stay amazing. Our first night there one of the landscapers saw us relaxing in the pool and came over to ask if his mowing would bother us. We told him it wasn't a problem and he still didn't even mow near us. Afterward he brought us two fresh coconuts, carved open the top for us to drink and made one into a vase for which he put fresh flowers in for my wife. We both were pleasantly surprised by the food options also. Lunch buffet was the only weak point, but we easily found ways around that... jerk chicken cart! Snorkeling was amazing and free. Way better than what we did in Hawaii. We swam beside (10 ft away!) a huge sting ray and got to hold a puffer fish and touch jellies. I could have done that over and over. In fact, I think I'd just get my own stuff next time and bring it with me. We also expected thunderstorms all day, everyday, based on the forecast, but it really only sometimes rains at the resort around 2-4ish, if at all. It seems to stay very clear on the coast. The water is beautiful and the resort is plenty big enough to take time to explore. Nighttime entertainment is fun and varies every night. It does seem like everyone here is on a honeymoon or anniversary trip. We can't wait to go back!