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"jeff M"
Staff/security/crossing guards are all rude and have to be new to the tourism industry. Johnathan at the front desk took $120 from our group to order a shuttle for our flight to Liberia. When we called the shuttle to confirm, they said did not hear of anything and told us that whoever we gave the $120 to ripped us off (Johnathan). Luckily the company took us for free after seeing that we got scammed. Planning on purchasing property in Tamarindo and will never recommend anything at Diria for as long as I hear it is the same. Also, the tall security guard who thinks he is a police officer needs to reconsider his job status. Your $2 an hour job is not worth the horrible treatment you recently gave many members of a 50 person group who spent thousands of dollars at this place between 2/5/17- 2/12/17. You fly thousands of miles to enjoy your vacation and you get yelled at for not having a *ucking wristband. Make sure you don't try to walk in without a "wristband"!!! Oh no!!!