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Feb 13 '17 at 6:06

Julian Wells

City Tattersalls Club

Julian Wells
Terrible. Every few days I like to play three games of keno at the same time. I like to check and reply each game individually when I go to the counter, partly to keep track and also not to confuse the operator. The Keno operator insisted I give her all three tickets at the same time, she then processed them for replay , but only gave me back one new ticket and instead of the other two, she gave me back my two old tickets she had checked . I then asked for the other two new replayed tickets , she said " I don't have, you put in your pocket " in a rude manner, I could see the new two tickets still on her tray! I pointed this out and was given a half baked apology. I then walked out and discovered that the keno operator had actually replayed one of my games twice, so I had three tickets , but two tickets with the same numbers on the same games! I was not impressed. I went back into the club ,the other keno operator in the adjacent booth insisted she serve me, I said no, "I want to wait for your colleague", who was still serving another customer. Both keno staff then conserved in a language other than English to one another in regard to what I was waiting for. I finally was served by original Keno operator and explained the situation. She was adamant that nothing had happened and that I was somehow wrong once, again! (what seems to be a common customer service problem solving theme at this club) , she then gave me a handful of tickets from a filthy garbage ( keeping it classy) bin of tickets and goodness knows what else to go through to look for my missing ticket ,which she suggested initially insisted didn't actually exist anyway. I don't think it is Keno standard operational procedure to throw all tickets directly into the bin behind the counter? Most clubs retain them until end of shift in separate tray for any unforeseen issues. I asked to see someone higher, and maybe check the cameras to show what had transpired this enraged her and she said "no" and then "why"?, but she eventually did call one. When the manager arrived she just gestured to me, she didn't explain her point or my issue to him just pointed at me like I was fly buzzing around her keno booth. I explained all to the manager, he understood exactly what had occurred. A long story short the mystery missing ticket miraculously reappeared from somewhere I couldn't see behind the counter. The manager then tried to pass off the whole thing as a misunderstanding of English owing to the operators background, WTH? So they expect customers to walk away , leaving paid for keno tickets with the operator because of alleged language problems to hide utter incompetence ? Accept the Keno operators word that customers are wrong and staff always right because of language issues? The Keno operator spoke perfect English enough twice to inform me that I was wrong twice when I clearly wasn't, it is not good enough. I shall not be visiting this club again , it is like Faulty Towers .