Marc Harris
Sam's Town Hotel & Gambling Hall Sam's Town Hotel & Gambling Hall
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Marc Harris"
Maybe I'm a little biased, b ut I love this place. The lanes are awesome when they aren't messed up by the teenagers and other immature idiots that have no idea of what respect for an establishment is. The people that work there on a daily basis are friendly enough. The younger workers are too busy trying to entertain their own friends to care what's going on on the lanes. They don't pay enough attention to any problems that may be happening. And they allow horrible music to play over the system. I wonder if that is why they have them working the late hours. Other than that, most people are respectful and know of bowling etiquette and are very fun once the barrier of communication has been broken. Lot's of leaques going on but they always try their best to accommodate non-league members. They've really become organised with the previous problem of how to assist the droves of people coming up to the desk, by roping off where to enter and exit from that area. And the shop is staffed by knowledgeable guys that give their honest opinion when asked. The prices, I suppose, are fair. But the selection, in my opinion, is a bit limited. Perhaps because of the sponsorship. Overall, I never back down from getting to go a couple rounds on the lane.