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Binion's Gambling Hall & Hotel Binion's Gambling Hall & Hotel
Las Vegas, Nevada
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What To Order: Binion Burger or Chicken Fried Steak While staying downtown in Las Vegas I tried several places to eat, but Binions Cafe is open late, and its a great place to grab some late night food. Open till 2am. Binions Cafe features the Binion Burger which is a fresh butchered meat patty with all the toppings served on the side. You basically assemble it yourself. It comes with coleslaw or potato salad and is $5.95. The burger was good, not amazing, but up there with a lot of restaurant burgers. A few steps above fast food places. The toppings were fresh and crispy, the meat patty had a good grilled flavor and wasn't over cooked. On my most recent trip I tried the Chicken Fried Steak, which was surprisingly good. It was crispy, the meat was thick, the gravy had good flavor and was very filling. To make it even better, the slot club gave a 50% off coupon, which brought my meal down to about $7. A bargain for a late night meal that tasted this good. I would return and order these items again next time Im hunry late at night in downtown Las Vegas.