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Feb 9 '17 at 9:32

Steven jackson

Steven jackson
One of the nicest hotels in Las Vegas. I have been staying since day they opened their doors 1998. The Bellagio is located where the old Dunes Hotel and Casino once was. If you are a person who really appreciates classic design then the Bellagio is a place you must visit. I enjoy staying at the Bellagio as it's located in the heart of The Las Vegas Strip. You are walking distance to all the majors hotels. The staff at the Bellagio has amazing customer service. From the front desk to housekeeping. If you are a person who is leaves in the states or out of the country the Bellagio is a must to visit. You have the most beautiful water show you will ever see. If you are person who likes high end shopping the Bellagio has some amazing shopping. For all your high end food eaters you have some amazing restaurants. If you are coming here just to relax or for a special moment you will enjoy your stay.