Constantine Galanopulo
Hollywood Casino - Toledo Hollywood Casino - Toledo
Toledo, Ohio
"Constantine Galanopulo"
Final Cut restaurant was the worst! Waited more than an hour for food. The manager kept saying it's on the way but it never came. Their excuse was they were understaffed and had a party of 15 elsewhere in the restaurant but the place was only half full to begin with. There was 3 in our party and only one had an appetizer but each had one drink from one bottle of wine. After a total of an hour and twenty minutes we left and the manager seemed insulted!!! They did refund the one appetizer but not the bottle of wine. Beware of the poor poor service. This was the third time we were there. The other times were good. Hesitate to go back to that restaurant within the casino. BTW they are not inexpensive... very pricey for a fixed menu. With a fixed menu it should have been easy breezy to get served.