Jose Alanis
Emerald Island Casino Emerald Island Casino
Henderson, Nevada
"Jose Alanis"
I only give three stars instead of one because the food is good. But God forbid you're under 21 and want to eat here. Me and a friend came for lunch and the staff repeatedly hound dogged us for our ID's just for standing and waiting for our table which took already 45 minutes. I have no idea why you have to have been alive for 21 years just to literally stand on the floor of this casino, but it wouldn't hurt if they had seats or something else instead of the 10 square foot excuse they call a waiting area. Luckily my friend was of age. But even after I do become a full fledged legal adult, Emerald Island certainly won't be getting any of my money again. Seniors citizens, enjoy it as you've been doing. Young adults, go to the Rainbow instead. They're much more friendly over there.