Megan Couturier
Clearwater Saloon & Casino Clearwater Saloon & Casino
East Wenatchee, Washington
"Megan Couturier"
Be careful where you sit now! After dining here many times, we went there again tonight and sat in the booth near the bar, where we always do. Waiter asked if I had my ID. I don't, because I was just planning on drinking water. He kicked us out. He kicked us out of the bar area because I, a 34 year old woman, didn't have my ID to drink water. There are NO SIGNS stating you will be carded to sit in the bar area. None. There is one sign outside that says they don't serve minors and THAT'S IT. So we got ushered past the half wall that separates the "bar area" from the "dining room" to the awful wooden chairs. We finally look at the menu and their steak selection has dwindled. We were there for steaks and I loved their bleu cheese sauce that is no longer available. Off to somewhere else for us.