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Jun 9 '14 at 12:45

North Gregory Turf Club

I realize any well used table can go wicked wobbly at any time, it started when we were moved further back in a bit noisy area. So many waiters, assistants & busboys wonder how could get walked by so often, A young waitress in training ultimately ended up saving our hunger whereas the original waiter never came back, just got used to loudly snatching who ever would come by. Watching several others seated & served after really suck, but finally, really later like 45 minutes when our food came: wife ordered simple grilled Mahi Mahi that was spoiled claimed flown in daily & I ordered half roasted chicken with half done rice that was decent but both over priced: $14 & $40.00. Finally asked for manager who tried to make better as ended replacing farm Salmon that was decent & offered free mediocre desert but unplanned 2 plus hour In my mind I can wait tell Chef Ede' Natural Erogrostis Tef Acorn Squash White Turkish Fig Bread comes to a restaurant near you soon. Two stars because they tried & $5.00 tip on nearly a hundred bucks should send the message with straight faced emoticon. Thank Goodness no sickness this morning.