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Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino
Palm Beach
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Aruba is certainly "One Happy Island" and if spend any time there, you will know why! After a short 4 1/2 hour flight from NY, your landing in Aruba. From the air you can see just how small of an island it really is. This is nice as it adds to the feeling of seclusion if your trying to escape. The weather is by far the best I have experienced in my travels. The temperatures are in the high 80's/90's during November with zero clouds or rain. The Aruba Marriott Resort is a great property with some of the best hotel employees I have ever met (considering I spent 3 years in the luxury, hotel industry). The hotel is a very short cab ride from the airport, there was no wait time to get a ride. Upon arrival, we entered a very clean and stylish lobby. A small section was under construction as they are building a Starbucks! That's not to say the coffee counter complete with pastries and other food wasn't great. I highly recommend the iced latte, they are great to drink by the pools in the morning. Onto the pools, they are pristine and the grounds crew do a smash job. There are hot tubs to soak in and then jump into the pool. Take a dip at night, the ambiance can't be beat. The landscaping is thoughtfully designed and well maintained. Now the cuisine is something that everyone can sink their teeth into. On property they have the chain "Champions" with great service and conversation. On site is Ruth Chris Steakhouse for a special dinner. In the morning, the Marriott has an awesome breakfast buffet complete with eggs Benedict that were perfect. The buffet offers great value without the crappy buffet food you see elsewhere. Now the crowning jewel is without a doubt the Atardi Sunset Outdoor Dining Area. The concierge was able to get a reservation for a special dinner the next night. If you do one thing while you are there, this is it! Atardi offers two different dining options both with plenty of options. The service and food was exceptional and nothing beats a sunset dinner with someone special. The way the resort is designed was great offering ocean views in a V shape facing the water. You can see how awesome the sunsets each afternoon are in my pictures. The rooms are immaculate and modern with personal balconies to take in the view. The resort also has a casino. I'm not much of a gambler so we went in and dropped $20 in the slots and called it a night. Last but not least go see the Jolly Pirates outside the resort on the beach. Go for their sunset sail and the snorkeling tours, you'll thank me! Just look for the Boston vs Aruba shovel in the hut! The Stellaris is a great property and we will certainly be returning soon. I can not recommend it enough, the staff was beyond great. As you walk down the shoreline, the other resorts are lined up and you get to see the other pools (Holiday Inn, get your act together). The Holiday Inn pool was filthy to the point that you could not see the bottom and people were actually swimming in it.. Happy Travels! Timothy OLA Travel & Leisure "Traveling The World, Together"