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Feb 17 '17 at 17:53

Zahra Mosquera

Zahra Mosquera
So I went there with my sister in law for the 1st time. And I will say the decor is very nice but the Bar One (I believe that was the name) was poor service. We were on the second where is was 90% less crowded. There were only 5 people at the bar (which is huge) and 1 bartender. The bar was filthy and cups, napkins, liquids, straws everywhere. It was wasn't that busy at all at the time when I arrived for it too look this way. We ordered our drinks which I think were a bit pricey for a small cup too. Instead of cleaning the bar still with everyone already served drinks again still with now only 7 people at the bar the young lady was on her phone texting and flirting with different workers who came into her station. This is not how I would want my establishment to look to the public. People who were coming to sit down had to move used cups from in front of them and wipe their area down :-/