jesse messerli
PT's Gold - Henderson
Henderson, Nevada
"jesse messerli"
My family and I got seated 10 minutes to 5pm. I ordered a beer and then the waitress (Amaya) came back to the table and told us it was happy hour at 5PM. At that point I told her to hold off on my beer, which wasn't brought to the table yet, and she refused to cancel the order. She then brought the beer and had a horrible attitude. She was rude and gave us dirty glares and no smile. We asked for our check at that point, as we no longer wanted to eat dinner as planned. She dropped the check off with a bad attitude and wouldn't say a word to us. We spend money at PT's very often and have NEVER had service like this before. AMAYA SHOULD NO LONGER BE IN THE SERVICE INDUSTRY. She was very immature and bitter.