nicholas summerlee
Fort Cheyenne Casino Fort Cheyenne Casino
North Las Vegas, Nevada
"nicholas summerlee"
I have mixed feelings about this hotel. It was my first time to Vegas and I probably am rating higher because of what a great time I had there. However, there are a few things I disliked about it. First, they let scummy time share people work right inside the hotel casino area. They are rather annoying and didn't give great gifts. Second, for a mid level hotel the restaurant selection wasn't that great, and the all you can eat buffet was terrible. Third, the place really didn't look all that high class inside. The casino looked kind of dated compared to other places we went within a similar price range. The positives were that the rooms were very clean, did not look very dated, and did not smell of cigarette smoke. The front desk was friendly, however room service was a bit of a joke as the write a price on the menu yet still charge you an extra 9 dollars that you're unaware of just to bring it to your room. All in all it wasn't a bad hotel, just not the best that is out there for the price.