Walter Macalma
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Gardena,, CA
"Walter Macalma"
Bachelor party in Vegas. Odds of us not going to a strip club were pretty slim. Our hotel pregame included 4 bottles and approx 50 beers between 11 guys. I’ll keep the rest vague and short. Letting the more experienced hagglers figure out our deal we took a limo (free) here to pay $100 for 2 dances(consecutive) and 2 drink tickets. Using that deal both had an expiration The dances had to be used in an hour and the drinks had to be used in 2 hours. None of this will be explained to you, so this is a pro tip people. It’s big, maybe not as big as Sapphire, but it’s got less of an industrial club sort of feel. The 2nd floor is much quieter. While my friends were wilding out downstairs I had a few drinks at the bar upstairs, chatted up a dancer while she waited 90 minutes for her next stage performance and got my dances. I may have paid for a few dances for others in my party. Upstairs drinks and dances are more expensive, so be aware of this when/of using your vouchers up here. The bathrooms are nicer than expected and of the dancers I talked to were nice for the most part. No weapons, but they let me check in my EDC. Telling them you forgot to close your tab is also an easy way to get back in. The snacks and coffee outside are for cab drivers and staff, not patrons. When in Rome, hanging with Romans.