Robert Tinta
Game Surprise
"Robert Tinta"
Excellent place. Sometimes waiting for an employee to help you or ring you out is an issue but the store is great! I've gotten all my laptop's ever from best buy and never once had an issue. And this is dating back years in which I've owned 8 laptops from best buy since! Edit: Seeing people saying they get no help from employees, I'm not sure if they're just coming in on busy times or something but I always get asked in every section if I need help like someone runs up from the other side of the section lol. Maybe it's because I love technology so they see me frantically walking around looking at everything or sometimes they spend a longer time helping one customer. Surprise does unfortunately have one of the smallest best buy locations and restocking days for new arrival items leaves them very busy. Great great store I just really wish they made it bigger or at least set up the areas better and got the most recent items like laptops especially because this ones always last to get them :/ Items matter more anyways, doing research online of items you want also yields the best answers so do that beforehand! Some employees unfortunately do not keep up on some very specific and particular specs I look for in laptops or other electronics!