Matthew Stern
It'se-Ye-Ye Bingo & Casino
Kamiah, Idaho
"Matthew Stern"
Was in there last week on Feb. 26th and they were giving away a car and my wife had a lot of tickets in for the drawing and i am sure other non employees did as well. The reason i said employees, is because a employee won the car and took the cash value of the car. IMO i think employees shouldnt be involved with drawings like this in any matter at all. Also i find it really odd and no offense to anyone above 50 that any other drawing is won by them and no offense here either because i am not racist at all, but most ppl that win are native or older native ppl. I have been going out to the casino for some time now and hoping to win big or at least one of there $500 cash give away's which 98% of the time goes to a native or someone over 50 or both. Take this one for example, in the month of Jan. they gave away a really nice snowmobile and some elderly lady, looked to be in her 60's+ won it. I see a lot of younger ppl in there a lot playing and what i mean by younger is 49 and under. And to boot the slot machines are tighter than a ticks rear end. It use to be nice to play there and win and you would hear a few jackpot winners at least a few times a night on the weekends, but in the last, I'd say 4 months or so not that many at all. This place has gone way down hill. On a good note, it is 21 and older and you can drink anywhere while gambling, but the down size, not many waiters going around to make sure you dont need a new drink, it's like tonight, I waited around over 45 minutes before i finally got up and when i did, there was a employee finally walking by and i finally got a drink.