Kiss Kiss
Terrible's Gold Ranch Casino & RV Resort Terrible's Gold Ranch Casino & RV Resort
Verdi, Nevada
"Kiss Kiss"
Whether you are stopping in for a quick meal before you make the mountain pass/trek to the Bay area, or are coming back from a great Bay area weekend, Gold Ranch is the best place to eat, gas up, or buy them pesky treats we all love to dirty our vehicles with. I will have to start with the "Ranch House Special" or basically, their ham and eggs everyday special inside the Sierra Cafe/coffee shop. This meal by far, exceeds other places and their so called ham and eggs which won't fill you up. You can order it when they first open, all the way to closing time(As we all know, breakfast is the BEST/Comfort tasting meal, any time of the day). If you aren't the breakfast connoisseur, their is simply something for everyone and every age group. Before I forget to mention, you MUST try their Pizza, it's delicious!!! Their prices are very reasonable too. I also like the way you are treated, never ignored. Whether you are a regular customer(Have been vising this place for over 20 years), or are just stopping by for the very first time, they'll treat you like family. Overall, great atmosphere, and this is why I gave it a five star rating.